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I teach theory to string players, guitar players, band students, pianists & singers!

Quality trained musicians and performers usually have strong

theory skills. In my studio a music student learns how to

interpret everything on a score. With strong theory skills you can compose, sight read, transpose and improvise. The professional classical, pop & rock musicians today are master theorists.

Professional pianists can read piano music,

pipe organ music, harpsichord music, choral scores,

orchestral scores and jazz charts. String players, band players & singers read one clef. Pianists are expected to read all clefs.

Your level of accomplishment is based on strong theory skills and

performance practice. Theory is the mathematics of music. The layout and structure for the score. We need math to build rockets, houses and airplanes. We need theory to build music scores. I work with beginners, intermediate and advanced level students. I ask that you know the fingering positions of all the notes on your instrument. I come in with the mathematics on how to read the score. The more tools you know with theory gives you the opportunity to play any style of music! I travel to your home for private music theory lessons!


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