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Piano Lessons - Plano

If you want to take piano lessons in Plano, Texas, then make sure to reach out to me, Gayla Rickard, a professional piano & singing teacher based in Rockwall, TX. I am a traveling in home piano & singing teacher for kids & adults in Plano & Allen, Texas areas. Lets talk 469.230.3126.

My piano & singing team includes advanced levels, beginners & amateurs! Little kids, young adults & retired folks!

Piano Lessons - Plano - Gayla Rickard Piano Players & Singers

I offer expert piano instruction and work with students of all levels. I use all music publishers and college prep materials for all students. My college prep piano music lessons are designed to help you acquire all of the skills required of a college music major. I teach music theory, composition, piano methods, scales, transposition and improvisation. Most of my piano students grow into intermediate level after 3 months of lessons & practice. My piano lessons offer everything an ambitious music major needs to begin their piano career!

Piano Lessons - Plano - Gayla Rickard Piano Players & Singers based in Rockwall, TX

Play in Piano & Singing Recitals in Plano, TX

If you take piano lessons with me, I will also encourage you to play in recitals with our music group if you're interested in playing for an audience. My piano and singing lesson students often perform for live audiences. I enjoy organizing recitals for family and friends of our musicians!

Piano Lessons - Plano - Play in Recitals with Gayla Rickard Piano Players & Singers

Our top location for music recitals in Plano, Texas is at Steinway Hall, where piano players can enjoy playing on Steinway Grand Pianos! The Steinway grand piano is the gold standard of musical instruments and these amazing instruments are impressive in both their incredible sound and shockingly wide range of tone. They are a pleasure to play! Steinway Hall in Plano, Texas has a beautiful showcase studio where they host our recitals. We often have food and drinks after recitals to turn it into a real night out on the town. We work together to provide a delicious home cooked feast after our recitals. Parents and students all join in with their favorite dishes and appetizers after enjoying the live music.

Of course you can also view all of the amazing pianos at Steinway Hall while you're there! I can even help you find the piano that best fits your needs if you're in the market for a Steinway piano!

Piano Lessons - Plano - Play in Recitals with Gayla Rickard Piano Players & Singers at Steinway Hall in Plano, TX!

So whether you're a beginner looking to learn how to play the piano or if you are an advanced player and want to improve your skills or play in recitals, contact me today and we can talk about how we can work together. 469. 230. 3126.

Online Piano Lessons

If you're not able to take lessons in person in Plano or Rockwall, TX, I also offer Zoom piano lessons so we can practice wherever you are.

I enjoy helping piano students study music theory, composition, scales, improvisation, sight reading, ear training, artwork and repertoire. I also help many of my students to prepare for their next big performance or earn piano scholarships!

Contact me today at 469.230.3126 or contact me online – I would love to work with you!



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